The Mission House Museum in Combermere opened in May 2005, and visitors from around the world enjoyed the many local artifacts, stories, photographs and local artwork on display.

The museum closed in June 2022. In its place, a new organization was recently formed and called Combermere Heritage Society. It is comprised of keeping the history of Combermere and surrounding communities alive through a handful of volunteers dedicated to the preservation of history.

This new virtual museum replaces the Mission House’s bricks and mortar. It has been created to feature the interior of the Mission House as it was before its closure, inclusive of a Virtual Tour Version of the former Mission House Museum, the 16 heritage walking plaques situated around town on metal stands that allows for a walkable tour of the museum made up of many stories and photographs of the people, and points of interest in the area.

We believe visitors to this site will be pleased and enjoy the new look of Combermere Heritage.