In the late 1800’s, David (Davie) Adrain came to Canada from Co. Leeds in Ireland and settled in Combermere. He built a log home on this site on the Peterson Colonization Road was the first veterinarian in the village and area. He was very busy at his trade as most of the residents were farmers. He and his first wife Charlotte Towns had four children. He remarried Elizabeth Burrows later and they had eight children.
The oldest son was Bailey Edward who was born in 1892. His wife was “Maude” Elizabeth Stubbs and they had ten children together. She had bright red hair. Maude died in childbirth in 1934. Bailey never remarried. He was a mechanic and had a log building were he worked on automobiles on property between the school and their log home. The garage even had a pit to work on cars and perform oil changes and repairs.
Later in life, Bailey was often seen sitting on a bench in front of his log home watching automobiles and people go by.
In 1967 the Adrain log home building was dismantled log by log and moved to where the Wendish Methodist church was earlier located on the edge of town. The church was demolished in 1966. The project was accomplished through a Centennial Grant. The logs were then reassembled into a new log building just behind where the church was located on the hill. It became a museum for a very short time and then a couple of years later became the Craft Gallery where local women made various craft items at home and sold them on consignment in the building. It has been vary popular with both local women as well as visitors and summer cottagers. A few years ago the building was renamed to the “Combermere Cabin Craft Gallery” and continues to sell items in the same way.
In the location where the Adrain house on Combermere Road was once located, a new building was erected and became a Canada Post outlet rented from Bob & Judy Maika