Combermere sulky race track

In the early part of the 1900’s, Combermere was a thriving community.

It had three churches, public school, couple of general stores, butter and cheese factory, sawmill, cedar shingle manufacturing plant, a few steamer boats, two hotels including taverns, telephone exchange, grist mill, two blacksmith shops, woolen mill, post office. For the entertainment of residents, farmers, miners, lumbermen, there was a sulky racetrack. It was located at the south-east corner of the Palmer and Rockingham Roads. Everyone enjoyed watching the races and it became quite famous in the Madawaska Valley. Was there any betting going on at that time? The current owner of the property says he can still see the curved corners in the ground of the track. Several local older people can still remember seeing the white guard rails of the track. The closest other race track at that time was in Brudenell.