Gas outlets in the combermere area

It’s hard to believe that at one time in the mid 1900’s, Combermere and area had eighteen gas/pump stations and now we have none. Times certainly change and they all closed mainly because there was not much money for the retailer.

The gas companies squeezed the dealers so much that the retailer only saw between 2 and 5 cents per litre. If the station had to pay a person to pump the gas, there goes the profit. Government regulations changed over the years requiring the retailer, at his cost, to install new in-ground tanks at a very high cost of between $50,000 and $90,000. This made gas retailing in the area not worthwhile, due to low volume of sales. This story is about those eighteen.

W. L. Waddington

Beside the general store on the east side there was a single Shell gas pump, the kind you had to pump the gas into a large 10 gallon glass jar on top of the pump. It was installed about the mid 1930’s ad demolished in 1960 to make way for the new concrete bridge. It also had several bench seats in the right rear for a lunch bar.

Ozzie Miller

This station was in front of the post office and home on Mill Street. His sister Mabel was the Postmistress for many years. Ozzie Miller had a similar single pump as was at Waddington and was used from the late 1930’s to the early 1950’s. It was a BA (British American) station.

Maika’s Garage

This station and garage was built in the early 1940’s and continues as a garage today but no gas as Combermere Service center but the gas pumps were removed in 2009. It was originally a BA station then Gulf then Petro Canada and then W.O. Stinson.

Al Blais General Store

In front of the general store located the second house on Lower Craigmont Rd on the right side. It operated a single Esso pump there from 1944 to 1947 like the one at Waddington’s. Store closed Jan 31. 1976. Store was built in 1943 and opened in1944. The couple moved from Timmins and were married in Quebec. Attended Old Combermere School

Shulist Garage

Located on the main street opposite the Wildwood Restaurant. The building is still there. It was both a gas pump and garage as well as a convenience store. … Shulist operated the business for many years. Mac Fitzgerald owned the garage at first…

Dennison’s Store

This gas station was in front of the Charles B. Dennison General Store that was where the Dennison Bridge Park is today. It was a Esso pump and similar to the one at Waddington’s. It was the first station in Combermere from 1930’s until 1960 when it was demolished to make way for the new concrete bridge.

Freddie’s Texaco

The gas station with two pumps was originally built in 1940 as a Texaco station. The original owner as Norman Kelly, then Mr. Lavoie, then Freddie Conley, then Ernie Coulas and Bloom owned the business but Charlie Drevniok leased the business and operated it. There was also a small convenience store there


This station was located in Purdy and operated by Fred and Jean Richter in the 1940 to 1860 who had their home and a general store. It was an Esso pump.

Hyde’s Bay Marina

There was a single pump located near the shore to service boats. Not sure the make.

Opeongo Trail Resort

A single pump at the shore was located to service boats. It was a large
Containment tank. Not sure the make.

Pine Cliff Resort

There is a large containment tank to service boats. It was an Esso.

Riverview Motel

There was a single Texaco pump located on the shore side of the motel that service boats at the dock

Sand Bay Camp

There was a large containment gas tank there to service boats. Make of gas unknown.


There was a single pump located beside the Post Office and a small store. The business was operated by the Smaglinskie family.

Stevenson’s Lodge

There is a gas tank at the shore that services boats. It is a large containment tank. Not sure the make

Auld’s Marina

There was a large containment tank to service boats on the south shore of Kamaniskeg Lake between Hinterland and Sand Bay Camp. Not sure what make

Purdy General Store

There was a Esso Gas pump located in front of convenience store. Walter Mayhew built it in 1947 and Arthur and Charlotte Hoare bought it in 1949. It closed in the early 1950’s when Fred and Jean Richter built their store.

Rockingham Store

There was a pump outside the Murack general store in Rockingham at the Rockingham Road and John Watson Road. Tank unknown