Ira Perrier born in 1881 and his wife Agnes LaVictoire, born in 1882, built this building to live in. He had a blacksmith shop next door near where the boat launch is now located. They had six children – Francis, Rolland, Alice, Cecile, Jeanette and Felicia.  The Perriers were a group of French-speaking families to who came to the area from Terrebone County north of Montreal, Quebec in the late 1800’s. They eventually sold the house to Henry Blaney.

Henry Edward Blaney (1872-1944) and his wife Catherine Riley (1861-1924) bought the property and lived in the house.  Henry was Catherine’s second husband. After 1924, when Catherine died, Henry moved from the Riley Settlement on the road to Papineau Lake to Combermere.

Pat Fitzgerald 1903-1960 and his wife Jean Dillon 1913 had five children and operated a general store where the Valley Market is today and lived in this house in 1937. They had previously lived in Denbigh, Ontario.

In 1953 Pat sold to Ed and his wife Agnes Coulas who lived in Craigmont until they moved to Combermere and the family lived in this house until 1970. They had five children – Theresa, Jo-Anne, Doreen, Ron and Shirley, later Cathy, Terry and Stephen were born. They built a chip stand in 1959 in their front yard and operated it for two years and later built a restaurant in 1970. A Texaco gas pump was installed beside the dock to service boats. The motel and attached three units were built in 1964/1965 and added two units in 1967/1968. It was called Riverview Motel and Restaurant.

Frank and Joyce Bond purchased the property in 1970 and operated the restaurant until 1974. Frank also operated an electronics business there in 1970 and repaired TV’s, radios etc. for four years until 1974. They operated the business until Frank died.

The property was sold about 2005 to Andre Kaminski. He and his family presently lives in the house and remodeled the five room motel to three rental units.