About 1941, Mac Fitzgerald operated a gas pump at this location. The building was erected by Ed Marquardt in that same year. Art Pigeon operated it as a garage for a bit and sold the building to Pat Fitzgerald who then sold it to Joe Shulist in 1951.
“Joe” Joseph Shulist and his wife “Annie” Anna Mary (Glisinskie) operated the garage, gas station (Esso) and a convenience store. He expanded the building during his ownership. He, his wife and children: Leonard, Madeleine, Allan, Lorraine and Lillian lived in the attached house. Joe operated the business until 1967.
Allan who was a mechanic took over the garage for seven years then sold the building to Andrew L. Palubiskie and his wife Anne (Belkwell). They closed the store and started a laundry. They went bankrupt and the FBDC (Federal Business Development Bank) took over the business. Merle Mullen purchased the building and expanded the laundry and ran a food outlet to the west side of the building. He served French fries, hamburgers, hot dogs and soft drinks. He also lost the building to the FBDC.
Eddie Francis Peplinskie purchased the property from the FBDC in 1984. He continued with the French fry stand. He was instrumental in getting Dr. Bruce Harris to locate his medical practice in the building. Dr. Harris operated his office from the middle part of the structure from 1986 to 2001. He later moved his practice to St. Francis Memorial Hospital in Barry’s Bay to the medical clinic. Over the years that Eddie owned it there were many other businesses in the building: Lois Lesolle had a bookstore, Eddie’s sister Eileen had a hair salon, Bill Bateman had a Reshor Barns and Dietrich real estate office, Terry Vanderheyden ran a naturopathic clinic and his brother-in-law ran a health food store.
From 1999 till 2001 Cathy Pitts operated the ReMax Country Classics office on the east side of the building and when she vacated that portion was turned into a one bedroom apartment. Over the years there were a number of residential rental units made out of the upper floor, side and back.