Mount Madawaska

Mount Madawaska (also known as Radcliffe Hills Ski Area) was once home to our local ski hill, approximately 6km south of Barry’s Bay on County Road 62 between Barry’s Bay and Combermere.

Briefly, the hill was initiated in the late 60’s, opening in 1970, as a cooperative with government funding and operated very successfully for many, many years. After some time, the hill started to struggle with changing winter patterns and was closed and eventually sold to a local family, the Pecarskie’s of Pecarskie Sand and Gravel of Barry’s Bay. After a few brief years, the family closed the hill.

An imaginative municipal council thought it was fitting to lease and operate the ski hill starting in 2008. What can be called a less-than-perfect first year it was followed by 2 quite good years. It is well known, however, that snow-making capability is required to ensure the hill can be open continuously from mid-December until mid-March (as shown by other examples such as Pakenham and Calabogie near Arnprior). Repairs are needed to the existing snow-making equipment.

Council decided to lease and operate the hill once again for the 2011/12 season but that this would be their final year. It was always hoped that the township operations would lead to something more permanent, such as a purchase of the hill by another party.  It was eventually purchased by some businessmen who would run it for a couple of years before selling it to individuals who have now renovated the chalet into a luxurious retreat.  The ski hill itself is now closed.

(*more information to be further detailed*)